As the landscape of auctioneering turned digital, Johan Graham chose Wavebid to help take her company to the next level.

What she needed was to save time cataloging. What she found was a comprehensive solution to help manage online auctions.

Johan Graham I-15 Auctions Owner

Wavebid Case Study

Meet Johan Graham

Don't be fooled by her age. Johan is a champion bid caller, reality TV star on Storage Wars, and the backbone of I-15 Auctions, a company she and her dad proudly run out of Oak Hills, California.

The Problem

Two years ago Johan was a contract auctioneer, but she dreamed of having her own online auction business. At the time, she was concerned about her lack of technical knowledge and ability to catalog fast enough. How could she start, let alone grow, a business with limited time and resources?

The Wavebid Solution

Through a partnership with , Johan found a young software company from Minneapolis with a user-friendly, barcode-based cataloging system. With Wavebid's excellent training and customer service, she immediately saw results: her start-up went from zero online auctions to 70 in the first year!

She now runs 8 to 10 Wavebid auctions a month using the full suite of tools: cataloging, marketing, accounting and clerking. When she wants, the cloud- based system even allows her to clerk with nothing but an iPhone or iPad!

Wavebid saves her hours cataloging. She never re- names photos, and by using better tools she accomplishes more in less time. With the help of Wavebid, Johan now runs her own thriving business, featuring online, simulcast, and even "Facebook auctions".

"Thank you Wavebid for helping this company grow and expand. We're still growing!" - Johan Graham, I-15 Auctions