With Wavebid, Kathleen Parker transformed manual cataloging and invoicing into one efficient, automated, streamlined process.

Kat needed to reduce the time and effort her team was putting into building and reviewing her catalogs. With Wavebid, she found the perfect solution: a comprehensive system for managing the creation, marketing, and accounting of her online auctions.

Kat Parker HyperAMS

Wavebid Case Study

Meet Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker is a recent graduate of Repperts Auction School, but her youthful ideas are keeping HyperAMS (Asset Maximization Services) ahead of the curve.

The Problem

Before Wavebid, the Illinois asset maximization company was doing everything manually: creating invoices in Word, manually loading content into Bidspotter, and managing accounting in Excel. Cataloging took forever. Photos had to be re-named one-by-one, and auctions couldn't even be previewed until they were posted.

The Wavebid Solution

Wavebid changed all that. With its unique barcode catalogingsystem, it eliminated the need to re-name photos. In addition, it automatically sorts photos by lot. Kathleen praises, "It reduces stress and saves us hours and hours in the creation and setup of our catalogs, as well as in the handling and uploading of photos. The barcode system makes it easy to take more photos, which make our items more attractive to our online bidders!" As for accounting, Kat is now sending and closing out invoices within 10-20 minutes.

With Wavebid, what she loves the most is the ability to easily build as well as customize her catalogs, and then preview them before posting the auction. She also likes that the whole Wavebid system is streamlined and cloud-based. "We have multiple people checking in and printing invoices. Wavebid is user-friendly and we can access it from anywhere and any computer."

"I highly recommend this software! It saves time, it's easy, and uploading photos is a breeze. Plus the staff is very helpful. They went above and beyond to help us through our first auction. Our customers have noticed that we are using a new tool - they are saying our auctions look more professional and are easier to view."